Hey, Stratham Residents!

Good news from the Town Offices.   The Select Board and Planning Board have formed a Master Plan Committee.   The Master Plan has not been updated for 10 years and it is out of date.  A Master Plan is very important in forming our town. Building requirements are based on the Master Plan.  The vision of the Town and the direction of its development are stated in the Master Plan.  It is the equivalent of a road map for the future of the Town.

The good news is that all town residents have an opportunity to play a part in this new vision of the Town.  The new Master Plan Steering Committee will work with our consultants (Horsley Witten Group) to collect data, including population trends, housing costs, school population and many other pieces of information to help build a base line in the plan.  A large part of the data collection will be done through resident input through surveys, public meetings, email contacts as well as personal contacts.  We hope to get residents’ visions of Stratham of the future. 

If you feel strongly about the direction of your Town should be going, please become involved.  Some of the questions we need answers to include:

·         Should the gateway district be promoted and financed to increase commercial taxes to help finance our Town?

·         Is our commercial district large enough?

·         Should more open space be protected to keep our rural character?

·         Should the Town provide workforce and elderly housing?

·         Should the commercial district be extended past the Town Center towards Greenland?

I’m sure you all have opinions regarding topics concerning the future of our Town.  The Master Plan Committee has a website (www.strathamplan.com) where you can find more information about the Master Plan process as well as opportunities for the public to get involved.  The Town of Stratham website can help you see what is happening in the process of building the Master Plan.  The committee looks forward to hearing from all of you who have concerns about our future.  Keep in touch and get involved.

Martin Wool

Stratham, NH

Committee Member